Artist Statement

All the way through my journey as an artist, I have been concentrated on the theme of childhood dream, underwater world and diverse social calamity. Childhood nostalgia one of my beloved subjects to recall my colorful childhood memory; bunch of flying kites, spinning tops, triangular, broken and restless curves lines play on my canvas. Viewers will find lots of colours on my canvas which is represent my and everyone's colorful childhood days. An eminent Indian artist Ramananda Bandhaopadhyoy comments on my works, "who ever take Babul's paintings to home they actually takes with them both the sky and the earth." Bold brush strokes, stumpy lines, thick and heavy vibrant colours that mark off my objects in semi-abstraction and abstraction forms.

My Underwater World series inspired me when I visit to St. Martin's Island off the southern-most coast of Bangladesh. I discover a joyful and free-roaming life in under the water. I strive to represent on the colourful life of small fishes, green shrubbery, unknown foliage - all in the watery world, specially in the depths of the seas surrounding St Martin's Island. When I recall those days, I gain the energy to work on canvas and my brush and colours make me happier, wiser, stronger and more insightful.

- Babul Mahmood